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About The Book

From keynotes to panels to intimate fireside chats and facilitating listening forums, audience members continue to be inspired by Shereen and her No.1 bestselling book. Her willingness to share guidance alongside personal stories, leaves audiences energised by her authentic delivery and infectious enthusiasm for action.


Shereen is able to seamlessly invigorate an audience and deliver an engaging speech focusing on the topics she covers in her book and her wider expertise on business, culture and sustainability.

As an authentic and relatable speaker and educator she masterfully demonstrates an enviable gift to speak to audiences across all industries and walks of life in a way that has a skill set that has led her to build a reputation as a thought-leader in her area of expertise. Shereen presents information in such a unique and whimsical way, that it allows audiences to engage in the areas she talks about in a completely different light.

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Black Is Trending

Ensuring corporate audiences are left inspired, entertained, and educated is a prerequisite, and Shereen has an open and expansive way of bringing people closer to the issues that impact on organizations and industries today. She is able to combine concise points, references to data with anecdotes relating to her personal journey, she inspires audiences to think expansively about what it means to take a human-centered approach to transformative change.


As a panelist, featured guest or conference and keynote speaker, she has a talent to quickly build rapport, immediately hold a room and give credible answers to burning questions in a way that always leaves listeners wanting more.


Shereen’s ability to speak truth to power, to unapologetically hold a specific point of view and her unwavering commitment to building equitable cultures that encourage prosperity for all, means she is a sought after speaker and advisor for some of the world's biggest brands.


This conference was held at the Savoy Hotel in London, it's one day conference where leading engineers, visionaries, start-up founders, CEOs, managers, get together to showcase UK innovation. The conference amplified AFBE’s message and enrich the industry by providing attendees with ideas and inspiration that will enrich UK’s engineering industry. Shereen was invited as the special Keynote Speaker guest and closing the conference in the way that only she know how, she then gave over 100 attendees to have a one-to-one and booking signing within an adjacent ballroom.


Held at the Kia Oval cricket ground, Shereen was booked to appear for a Fireside chat with CEO Laura Kerby the CEO of Prostate Cancer UK, and Q&A at a private company lunch.